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reported that ukraine has attained russia's military and cache to kiev on suspicion of espionage. he has been ordered to leave the country. it cited the ukrainian foreign ministry that the diplomatic skill was not named was detained on wednesday while undertaking intelligence activities. the ministry could not immediately be reached for comment. now still in ukraine acting president of the leaks and attention on has declared that the country is in a state of high alert and has set up military squad wants to help the company. one of the key of demonstrated in the eastern city of dani asked what a pro independence activists have declared the donning of people's republic and cctv searches on has been following the situation. incense and running co need and it's one of the centers of the anc keep protests in eastern ukraine. on wednesday rumors of a possible attack. this was the social media the swimming pool that the graft what they could to come on to protect this building the regional administration council now under the control of the self proclaimed the new people's republic. we read on
calling for broader, tougher sanctions to punish russia for the interference in ukraine. the civil war in south sudan is on the verge of famine. the united nations official warned today more than one million people fled the violence at the start of crucial planting season. she said she's appalled neither of the two warring leaders seems concerned by the looming disaster. violence overshadows election day in iraq as people headed to the polls today to cast ballots in parliamentary elections. at least five people died in independent attacks. jonathan rugman filed this report. >> reporter: it's the kind of democracy saddam hussein would have never allowed. but in a country now racked by sectarian violence, iraq goferred for eight years by nouri al maliki from the shia majority, a man who rarely smiles. he voted early today casting this election as a referendum on his war against terror. >> i wish to see a huge turnout. god willing, we'll celebrate the success of this election and defeat terrorism and those who bet the election would be postponed. >> reporter: in parts of anbar province th
a message to russia. we have more from eastern ukraine. >> firmly in the hans of the pro russian protesters who now occupy the police, security and regional government buildings, an embarrassment for the interim government who has been promis promising to strike back with a terror company that never really happened. now he points a finger at its own police forces. >> security service in these regions, first of all in the regions unable to fulfill it's duties to protect it's citizens. they are hopeless in these issues. furthermore some of these you wants assessed or are in cooperation with terrorist groups. >> reporter: the interim government's failure to retake buildings seems to only embolden pro russian militants. for many here the defense units. >> it's clear that these are organized people and organized groups they gather people and these buildings are just handed to them. >> reporter: police have been unable or unwilling to stop them. they're often seen standing around the barricades while protesters vow to bring down the government they belong to. some have lamented that kiev is not p
of state john kerry has warned russia that make the nato alliance would defend every piece of its territory. to make it absolutely clear to the kremlin. that nato territory is in the wild bull we will defend every single piece of that article five of the nato treaty must mean something. and our allies on the frontlines need and deserve no less. kiri on tuesday called the prices in ukraine a wakeup call for any job that requires an alliance with my effort and the city cannot continue to allow an allied defense budgets to shrink. kerry also called on the european union members to carry out more cooperation in the energy sector and to reduce their attachment to russian energy supplies. rush and the lebanese who has said moscow sees no need for further sanctions against the west after the eu and the us and the opening round of sanctions against russia but he also said russia could reconsider the protest a patient of western companies in russia's economy including energy projects the russian president made the statement after meeting with the leaders of the woods and kazakhstan on tuesday. he al
provincial capital of luong. despite new western sanctions on russia. an inmate in oklahoma dies of a heart attack minutes after a botched attempt to execute him with a new death penalty cocktail. also coming up this hour, celebrations across madrid as madrid wins. it might be an all spanish 20 in may if chelsea loses in tonight's game. a tug-of-war over french engineering company al stump. it says -- alstom. it is giving them a month to decide over the $12 billion offer from general election. there is a rival offer from siemens. a rack is voting in its first general election since u.s. troops -- iraq is voting in his first general election since u.s. troops left in 2011. the severe violence that hit the country this week continues. two women were among the dead as a bomb went off at a polling station in the north. nicholas rushworth has more. friday, and the explosion tore apart a campaign rally in the east of the city. attack was part of the waves of sectarian violence nationwide in the days before the vote. iraq is currently going through its worst unrest in years. security for this elec
are standing, are sanctions impacting russia or its supporters in eastern ukraine? >> that's a very difficult question to ask. you'd have to say the ultimate intention of these sanctions is to prevent a russian invasion of eastern ukraine and if that invasion does not happen, was it due to the sanctioners not. i suspect we might be arguing about that for months or years to come, but as rewards the conduct of pro russian groups in the east, they don't seem deterred at all, quite the contrary. they seem more emboldened on each day, going very much on the offensive, they are on the front, sanctions or not. >> barnaby phillips for us in donetsk in eastern you a crane, thank you. >> parliamentary elections, first time they have headed to the polls since the u.s. pulled out in 2011. there are reports of attacks outside the capitol. we are at a polling side in baghdad. how has the turnout been so far where you are? >> this polling station in central baghdad, they are voting just through those doors, has about 3,500 registered voters, about 1,000 people have turned up so far. now what an independent
luhansk by pro-russian militants tuesday. russia continues to deny accusations it's funding and orchestrating the unrest. >>> coordinators of the search effort for the missing ma lay airlines flight mh370 have dismissed a claim possible plain wreckage was found in the northern bay of bengal. the underwater search is continuing off the australian coach. six weeks of searching have so far failed to find any wreckage at all. >>> a dangerous storm system which earlier killed more than 30 people in the southern united states has now flattened scores of homes, churches and businesses in louisiana and alabama. trees and power lines have been knocked out. meteorologists say the storms have weakened, but tornado watches are still in effect for some isolated areas. >>> there's mounting anger in my je nigeria -- to free more than 230 girls abducted from their school by islamist militants over a fortnight ago. a million woman protest march is being called for by the women's peace and justice organization to demand more resources for securing the girls' release. with me is someone who ru
there is no way to stop the unrest in two eastern regions bordering russia. he says police and security pless," and are in some cases cooperating with pro-russian government who have seized buildings and taking people hostage. vice president joe biden reassure the prime minister of ofvia that in the face russian assertiveness in ukraine the united states is committed to the collective defense of nato allies. mr. biden met with latvian prime minister at the white house yesterday and today the vice president speaks at the atlantic council on the situation in ukraine. here the remarks later today on c-span radio. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. everybody says how do you think these women came from such a very low part of the world? so victorian era is stratified. there was the very rich and the middle class and then the real robber baron achievers. the life and times of these women is the most buccaneer time you can think of. after the civil war. finances were becoming major, yet rockefeller, jim fest, all of the robber barons were making a lot of money. i think it was e
. >>> basketball responds to the life ban given to l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. . >> russia accused the west of revising cold war tactics after new sanctions were imposed over the ukrainian crisis. 15 more people were added to the list of russian officials, facing asset freedss and travel -- friezes and travel bands. >> the chief of the international monetary funds megs to moscow says russia's economy is falling into recession. antonio says the country experienced two quarters of negative growth which is likely to continue. he had sanctions against russia over the ukrainian crisis. to further damage the economy. >> let's spoke to the correspondent. it's a bleak picture painted by the i.m.f. >> it certainly is. the i.m.f. chief in moscow said, as you explained, he believes russia's economy is in recession because there has been two quarters of negative growth. the prediction for this year was 1.3% growth, they are saying the economy will grow by 0.2%. i think that's a worrying statistic for many economists. further to that the i.m.f. mission chief says that there'll be $100 billion i
by russian troops massed on the border. they warned the threat of russia starting a war is, as they put it, real. russia denies accusations. >>> the mothers of around 200 nigerian schoolgirls abducted two weeks ago have been holding a protest march in the capital, abuja. they're frustrated about a lack of action from the authorities. the girls were taken from their boarding school in the northeastern state of borno by militants. some reports are they've been sold into marriage in neighboring cameroon. protests are expected after schools close later today. i asked bbc africa news editor for the latest on the whereabouts. >> yesterday the nigerian military released a statement which said they were taking seriously a lot of information that's been coming out. which basically means that they have no idea either where the girls are. we've heard that they may have crossed the border into cameroon and, as they say, sold off into marriage. we've not been able to confirm that. we've also heard they've been taken to the border with chad. it's obviously indicates the girls have been split up. the lon
that a take over by u.s. company will mean job losses for the french. >>> russia has accused the west of reviving cold war tactics. on tuesday the you european union added 15 more people on the list of russian and ukrainian officials facing asset freezes and travel bands. washington announced a new set of sanctions. president obama said he would not impose more sanctions. >> eastern ukraine - gunman opened fire as they took control of more buildings. pro-russian able to visits stormed the headquarters for police and luhansk. barnaby phillips reports from the city of donetsk. gungun. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd forced their way into the government building in liuhansk they seemed incapable or unwilling to take on the crowds. they refused to hand their weapons over. then they were escorted away. the crowd revelled in their victory. they took over more buildings in the town. later pro-russian gunmen opened fire in an attack on the police station. so pro-russian groups extend their control. they want to hold a referendum in early may. in order for the vote to be credible they need
of these cities. >> woodruff: russia still has thousands of its own troops massed near ukraine's eastern border. the state department defended secretary john kerry today, over comments that israel could become an apartheid state, unless there's peace with the palestinians. he said it friday, warning israel could wind up with two classes of citizens. in a statement last night, kerry conceded: if i could rewind the tape, i would have chosen a different word. a spokeswoman said today any suggestion that kerry is anti-israel is "completely absurd." the supreme court has upheld federal efforts to stop power plant emissions from blowing across state lines. by six to two today, the justices re-instated a rule adopted in 2011. it requires plants in 27 midwestern and appalachian states to limit pollution that blows downwind to other states. a lower court had blocked the rule from taking effect. house speaker john boehner tried today to smooth ruffled republican feathers, over immigration reform. the dust-up began last week when boehner addressed the immigration issue during an appearance in his home dis
. and pro-russia activists are tightening *their grip on eastern cities. hundreds stormed buildings across luhansk today, a province that borders russia. barnaby phillips is in eastern ukraine with this report. >> the pro-russian crowd swept into the government building in luhansk unopposed- and despite widespread rumours that this takeover was imminent- the police did nothing- they seem unwilling to take on the crowds, and they were escorted away. so pro russian groups continue to extend their control in eastern ukraine. they want to hold them in early may, but in order for that vote to be credible, they need to have a large number area of authority. and that's what's driving them on. but how fair would such a vote be? roman lazorenko runs a news website in donetsk- we're going to his office - he's taken down the name plaque- and most of his staff are too afraid to come here- after a visit by a group of masked men who said he should report more favourably on the self-declared 'people's republic of donetsk' >> if the influence of the people's republic of donetsk grows, then it will be diff
sanctions against russia, but they have not flown across eastern ukraine. more than a pro russian pargeterprotesters storm headqus armed with baseball bats. barnaby phillips with the late latest. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd swept into the government building unopposed. despite widespread rumors that the takeover was imminent, the police did nothing. they did refuse to hand their weapons over. then chi they were escorted awa. pro-russian groups want to hold a referendum in early may, but in order for that vote to be credible they need a large enough area under their authority. that is what is driving them on at the moment. but how fair would such a vote be? roman runs a news website in don estk. we'll go to his office. he's taking down the name plaque and staff who are too afraid to come here after a group of masked men came with baseball bats who said they should report more favorbly on the people's republic of donestk. >> i have one colleague who has received death threats. he has fled to kiev. >> reporter: some of those opposed to russia say they have enough. this video a
the u.s. secretary says sanctions against russia are working. they have not slowed dissent across ukraine. protesters occupy buildings in one of the largest cities in the east. more than 1,000 storm buildings armed with baseball bats and opened fire on police headquartersers. >> reporter: a day after washington announced a new round of sanctions, brussels linked the names of 15 linked to event in ukraine that it targets. nine are russian, ipp clueing demimry kozak who oversaw the crimea region into russia's federation. >> the e.r. u operator, and the defence minister in charge of the drops on the border. deputy foreign minister says:. >> the american list goes further, including companies and individuals, but stops short of targetting firms like rosnest, the oil giant, simply placing a ban and freeze on its director. now, russia will only feel the effect if there are further sanctions hitting the financial and energy sectors here. things which could hurt europe's interests as well. >> this mostly looks like political gestures, rather than any actions which can really jeopardise -
characters and access to consume. the eye. they say its us wants fresh sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine the masters including assets creases and hit the dance acts seven russian individuals and seventeen companies close to the kremlin cctv staff the customer has been following the developments and give this more details among the seven individuals named for asset freezes and travel bans. these folks these are igor section the president of brosnan the russian state oil company the chairman of rottnest was also a knight named annie got a leg up eleven c at the moment of the russian presidential envoy to crimea and dimitri cars after russian deputy prime minister now seventeen companies were also sanctioned i didn't fall into three categories of finance and infrastructure for russia's energy and transportation industries. at thirteen of the seventeen will also be denied us high tech exports. that could help build up the russian military and the americans announced this third count of sanctions us president barack obama has acknowledged that but now with the group will ge
scenario in southeastern ukraine. this as the u.s. and brussels hardin sanctions against russia. on the ground, pro-russian separatists have extended their grip on public buildings. remainsions in donetsk high. the eve of the first general election in iraq since the withdrawal of american troops. 11 people killed and 19 wounded in a twin bomb attack in northeastern baghdad. with no p still in the middle east. the american secretary of state was going -- there were allegations that it could become an apartheid state. >> also coming up, we will be getting the latest in sports. looking ahead to the meeting tonight in the second leg of the champions league semifinal. we will be looking at the list that will infuriate france -- the world's 50 best restaurants, and only four of them are french. we will find out more about that in just a moment. our top headline -- russia's deputy foreign minister has said there is no reason to fear that russia will repeat a crimean scenario in southeastern ukraine. he was speaking in the wake of fresh sanctions announced by washington and brussels. th
. in 2010, north korea shelled a south korean island, leaving four dead. >> russia's biggest trading partner announcing bigger sanctions because of the ukraine crisis, e.u. saying there are tarts. the u.s. imposed sanctions against seven top russian officials linked to russian president vladimir putin. the u.s. saying it will freeze their assets and ban them from obtaining american visas. in ukraine, the division between those in favor of russia and those for a united ukraine are getting deeper. ukraine's parliament meeting in kiev over ongoing tensions in the eastern cities. we are in donetsk, ukraine. what is the reaction on the streets? do they think sanctions will change the reality on the ground? >> at the moment, there is not much reaction. i think it's irrelevant to what this region is going through at the moment. you won't see direct impact and many people don't understand what sanctions mean and how will it change what's happening here. yesterday with all impunity, gunman, the usual ones with their faces covered seized another local building. then there was these riots here in the c
remarks. ♪ the eu released a new list of 15 names of russia and ukrainians imposing sanctions on and targets politician and military leaders. one of the names on the list is the current director of russia's foreign intelligence agency, giu. some of the others are. and russia's deputy prime minister who over saw criteria into russia after it was annexed and valarie, the first deputy minister of defense and army general in charge of the deployment of russian troops along the ukrainian border. across in moscow and we are joined live from there, and putin himself with talks got close to him and why are these particular men being targeted? >> reporter: well, laura, first of all we should point out unlike the list released on monday including companies and individuals the eu list is putting a travel pan and asset freeze on individuals only. now some of those as you were listing are key military officials and some of them linked to the de-facto annexation of crimea including a member of the duma, russian parliament responsible for starting legislation to integrate crimea into russian
bans. russia condemning the sanctions saying they will not go unanswered. peter sharp with more from moscow. >> this is the third round of sanctions imposed by the west on russia following it's annexation of crimea in february. seven officials, and 17 different russian companies, what they have in common is very close links to vladimir putin. the united states also said in the list that was published a few hours ago that it would deny export licenses to any high-tech equipment that it feels may be a significance and use of russian military effort. there has been a response from russia. let me give that you. the foreign deputy foreign minister said that the u.s. sanctions will not go unanswered, and the response said it will be painful to washington. the e.u. in separate moves today on monday basically said that it will be released in the names of 15 people that it will be facing sanctions on facing assets and travel bans. so a concerted and linked effort by america, the u.s. and europe to bring about these third round of sanctions will be tightened up if there are any military incurs
. thethe g-7 group has met to impe more sanctions on russia over the weekend. i have a list of the sanctions in front of me. you've had a chance to take a quick look at it. anything surprising to you? >> absolutely nothing surprising at all. it's exactly what we expected. just to run through it quickly, this has been breaking the last few minutes, david. the seven names of prominent russians two of these are close associates of vladimir putin. we understand one of them is the boss of rosnaft the state oil company, and the head of rostec, whose name i don't have, will suffer freezes. the u.s. is banning somewhat high-tech items that could contribute to the russian military structure. these will be ban for sale, export to russia. the key line to all of this because it is the same underlining the conclusion that the e.u. members have come up with, there will be more sanctions threatening key sectors of energy defense and finance if there are any further moves against the ukraine by russia and those 40,000 troops on the border. so no surprises there. we also have got a statement
, should they? is that what you're saying. i'm thinking particular russia and china in the past who blocked u.n. security resolutions. >> there's two things. has to be a security bar go imposed to stop the killings and second, countries providing support to abusive non state groups must know they can be held liable under international law for their support of anyone committing crimes against humanity and war crimes. >> this is not only terrorizing the local population, it's making it extremely difficult for humanitarian aid to get in to help civilians who stayed behind? >> exactly. this has been a use of barrel bombs in the last few months in a are he aleppo. many are camping in the area where aid is not reaching them. areas four kilometers from the tur kish border are not getting the aid they need. the security council must move forward. they are not doing anything to protect humanitarian workers. tomorrow we'll release a report that looks at t the recent attack by barrel bombs. two clearly marked hospitals were hit by barrel bombs over the last 30 days. >> thank you very much in deed. >>>
. the league has owners from india, russia, south-east asia, they are a global league. they view race relations differently. when you see something like this come out and it goes global and viral, they are looking at how the commission will deal with this. they think about do they want to be a part of something like this. the league is trying to go global. >> smith thought a boycott would not be a good idea and fans should wait for the investigation. now to the crisis in ukraine. pro-russian supporters took over a television station. germany is condemning the parading of european observers kidnapped on friday. pro-russian militias released one, several others are in custody. russian militia captured three ukrainian special forces officers and they, too, were shown to the media. barnaby phillips has more from near donetsk in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: the european military observers were paraded before cameras by the self-ponded major -- appointed mayor of slovyansk, vechislav ponomaryov. they are in no position to complain about what happened to them. >> we are not prisoners of war, but the
is very concerned at how russia will respond to any use of force by these men. >> in the next town, a demonstration in favor of russia it's a small crowd although they do seem to have some support on the sidelines russians control room the buildings. they had an unexpected visito, once one of members of the jury before he fell out with vladimir putin, now trying to mediate. they call him a traitor and tell him to go away. in donetsk armed pro-russians took over the t.v. station. the ukrainian police, such unreliable allies of the government in kiev stood by and watched it happen. the largest crowds of the day were in the cemeteries. this is the day of the dead, when people go to meet their ancestors' spirits. nat natalia warns her dead relatives and wonders what they would make of all of this chaos >> translator: my relatives would be shocked if they could see what is happening. they would say: you have to fight for ukraine. my brother lives in russia, and i live here. i am afraid of war, and a war that my son will be taken into the army. >> she is part of the silent majority th
in ukraine as the west prepares new sanctions for russia. american soldiers are head today eastern europe. today, the u.s. deployed 150 troops to lithuania. they will be ready if the conflict spills beyond the borders. america is sending 600 troops to that region. meanwhile in eastern ukraine, gun men are proposing a prisoner swap. russians accused them of spying. their captors say they will exchange them for jailed pro-russian activists. the latest from donetsk >> reporter: on both sides in eastern ukraine, funeral are becoming political events. this time, it was probe russian separate tests laying one of those their heroes to rest in the town of slovyansk. lubanits killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cause. >> long live lombas. ukraine is with russia >> it's in slovyansk that the military observers are beingheld by pro-russian gun men who said .1 way they could be released would be in an exchange for the government in kiev which is holding a number of pro-activists >> they have always been coins of exchange. it's an international practice to swap prisoners. t
. >> as the west is preparing new sanctions for russia, the u.s. deployed a 150 troops. they are at the ready in case the violence is spilling beyond the borders. 600 troops from the u.s. are being sent to the region. gunman are proposing a prisoner swap, russianing captured 8 observers yesterdays and accused of spying. we have the latest now. >> on both sides of eastern ukraine, funerals are becoming political events, this time pro russian separatists laying a here row to rest. in the town, killed by the ukraine soldiers two days ago now a martar for the cause. >> ukraine is with russia. >> it is also that the observers being held by the pro russian gunman and saying that to release them is in exchange for the government in kiev that is holding a number of russian activists. >> prisoners are always coins of exchange during a war. it is international practice to swap prisoners. >> as you can see there is no sign that the pro russian groups are giving up the control, the barricades are still up. over here to see the other side of life in the east, because for most of the people things are goin
donbas. ukraine is with russia. long live donbas >> it's also in slovyansk that the european militariary observers are being held by pro-russian gun men who said .1 way the observers could be released would be in exchange for the governments of kiev holding a number of pro-russian activists >> prisoners have always been pawns to exchange during times of war. it's an international practice to swap prisoners. there is nothing scary about it. >> this is the administration center in donetsk, and as you can see, there is no sign of pro-russian groups are giving up their control. their barricades are still up. let's go over here and see the other side of life in the east because for most people, things are going on as normal. they might be ang. they are keeping to themselves. >> that's the same not just in donetsk but across eastern ukraine. >> kiev, they were marking a grim an accompanies re, 28 ye s years. it was event did on the eastern border that occupied the politicians who came to this event. >> translator: if russia continues its aggression and ignores decisions made during negotiati
against russia. european xdiplomats are said to have an emergency meeting on monday. they are talking about deescalating tensions on the ground. secretary of state john kerry and his continuerpart spoke on the phone and asked to stop ukrainian actions against pro-russian demonstrators. the prime minister cut short a trip to italy because of the tensions in the east. >> russian military aircraft, today at 9:00 crossed and violated ukrainian airspace for seven times. russian aggression has its aim to undermine the global security and global stability to redraw the lines and to revise the consequences of the second world war. >> also, from moscow, promising to help release european monitors in eastern ukraine. more on that >> reporter: on both sides, funerals are becoming political events. this time, it was pro-russian sep rat te separatists laying a hero to rescue in slovyansk, killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cau cause. ukraine is with russia. long live donbas. >> it's also in slovyansk that the observers are being held by pro-russian gunmen who said one
. a new museum opens in hong kong. >>> pro-russia gunmen holding a group of international observers captive in ukraine say they are willing to carry out a prisoner swap. the self-proclaimed separatist leader in slovyansk says he'll trade the international observers for kiev political prisoners. eight observers have been missing for 24 hours. they are held behind he is barricades in a building. russia says it will do all it can to secure their release. moscow has been accused of coordinating the kidnapping european leaders will meet on monday to discuss sanctions against russia and accuse moscow of making little effort to persuade groups in the east to disarm. now for the latest from barnaby phillips in donetsk in eastern ukraine. we have been hearing from the separatist leader in slovyansk. what has he been saying about the moves? >> this is a man who appointed himself, effectively, the mayor of the town of slovyansk a couple of weeks ago. he is firmly under groups who are pro-russian - if we can call them that. he is talking about the possibility of some sort of exchange with priso
the crisis in ukraine. they are considering another round of sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine's east. they say pro-russian gunmen are coordinating with moscow. it's worried the osce members could be used as human shields if government forces try to free them. eight observers have been missing for more than 24 hours. ukraine's prime minister has cut short a visit to rome to runner to kiev. >> we urge russia to pull back its security forces, not to prove occasion and not to support russian lead terrorists. deployed in southern ukraine. we edge russia to leave us alone. >> self-declared leaders in slovyansk have accused some of the monitors of espy espionage. barnaby phillips reports >> reporter: on both sides, funerals are becoming political event did. this time, it was pro-russian separatists laying one of their heroes to rest in the town of slovyansk. lubinetz killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cause. >> love live dombus. ukraine with russia russia. long live donbus >> it's also in slovyansk that the military observers are being held wh
. they're considering another round of sanctions against russia for actions east of the country. seven of the world's biggest countries accuse russia. america has accused russian jets of violating ukrainian air spa space. they continue to hold military exercises across the border. there are fear those kidnapped could be used as hostages. >> we urge russia to pull back its security forces not to provoke and not to support russian-led terrorists. we urge russia to leave us alone. >> well, let's go to barnaby phillips, monitors are still being held. any change to that situation or negotiations ongoing? >> no substantial change, stephen. the people who are holding them, the armed separatists say there are spies amongst them. they're referring to the ukrainian contingent. there has been reports from the last hour within the german government that some type of mediation is on its way here to try and talk about these people. but let's not forget the largest foreign elements within this small group is german. we think there are four germans, a dane, a pole, a swede, and someone from the czech
russia. >>> plus, the path to saint hood. hundreds of thousands flock to roam for the canonization of not one, but two popes. >>> on high alert - weather services warning people of violent storms. [ singing ] >>> and shakespeare at 450 years old. we honour the most recognised playwright in history. >>> good morning to you. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york city. the rhetoric in the ukrainian crisis stepped up a notch with bold declarations made by kiev lawmakers. the ukrainian prime minister accused moscow of wanting to start world war iii echoed by the deputy foreign minister at the united nations. >> do you fear that the russians are on the verge of an invasion? >> yes, we have the information that we are in danger. that's why we call upon russian authorities to explain for what reasons they keep so many troops along our borders. >>> but those allegations have done little to slow down russian military drills along the border, prompting u.s. and e.u. officials to impose more sanctions against moscow. mike vick aira is travelling with president obam
's top stories. >>> russia says it will take all steps to secure the release of international military observers in ukraine. >>> famine fears - warning that south sudan is at risk of a humanitarian catastrophe. >>> a sherpa that survived the avalanche last week tells us his story. [ singing ] >>> and the many interpretations of the legacy of the william shakespeare, as he celebrates, if he could, his 450th birthday. >>> first, russia says it will take all steps to free international military observers taken captive in eastern ukraine. a group from the o.s.c.e. went missing in slovyansk, after being detained by pro-russian gunmen, the detention coming as the g7 say they are ready to impose a new round of sanctions over its position on ukraine. let's cross to barnaby phillips. he is in donetsk, in eastern ukraine. the latest, please, as those military observers still being held after being seized on friday. are negotiations still ongoing? >> the only piece of good news is that the russians are calling for their release. whether the russians are calling for the distinction of foreigners,
>> >> g7 leaders ready to announce broader sanctions against russia over its actions in eastern ukraine. . >>> hello, i'm martin dennis, you are with al jazeera. we are live in doha. also to come - more than 180 people have died in floods in afghanistan after three days of heavy rain. carnage in baghdad. bombers kill at least 37 people at an election rally. plus... >> i'm kath turner in new york. gun control is a divisive issue and the national rifle association influenced the debate and politicians. now a grassroots organization is taking on the powerful gun group. >>> first - seven of the world's richest countries are ready to impose a new round of sanctions against russia. leaders are punishing moscow for its position, believing that russia made no effort to implement a deal to diffuse what's happening in the east. saying that russian fighter jets crossed into ukrainian air space several times. groups of armed pro-russian activists occupy public buildings in a dozen eastern towns and cities. >> the u.s. is among the g7, and and is preparing to impose fresh sanctions against m
military moves prompted a new blast today from russia's foreign minister, sergei lavrov in moscow. >> ( translated ): some 160 tanks and some 250 armored personnel carriers and other heavy military hardware, are waging a war with their own people. this is a bloody crime, and those who pushed the army to do that will pay, i am sure, and >> woodruff: russian forces were on the move, as well, in maneuvers. ukrainian officials claimed they had come within 1,100 yards of the border. and acting prime minister arseny yatsenyuk sounded an alarm. >> ( translated ): military aggression by russia on ukraine's territory will lead to military conflict in europe. the world has not yet forgotten world war ii, but russia already wants to start world war iii. >> woodruff: last night, secretary of state john kerry had accused moscow of fomenting trouble in ukraine, in direct violation of last week's agreement in geneva. >> if russia continues in this direction, it will not just be grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake >> woodruff: but russia's lavrov rejected the criticism today. he insist
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